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Plaza Orthodontics

Dr. Lihong Lin, Dr. James Kohl & Dr. Jill Danaher

Coronavirus Update

We are back and seeing our patients! We hope that you have all remained safe and are continuing to practice healthy habits with social distancing.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our office has taken extraordinary measures to provide our patients and team members with the healthiest and safest environment.  We have implemented new measures that will benefit patients, their families, and our staff. Please continue reading to learn about our new safety measures!

Our schedule will start on a limited basis, and will increase over time as we adjust to our new normal.  This will be a time where health and safety guidelines can and will be amended frequently.  We encourage you to call our office to schedule your appointments.


We have added many additional safety features in our office to ensure that we are keeping our patients and staff as safe as possible.  

Our staff members are equipped with additional PPE when seeing patients.  In addition to wearing their scrubs our staff members are dressed in gowns, face shields, and Level 3 or N95 face masks.  

We have added Medify Air Purifiers throughout our office that are constantly running at all times.

UV lights are run twice a day in our office to sanitze our clinical area.  The utilization of UV lights allows optimal sanitiation through killing viruses and bacteria on the molecular level without the use of toxic chemicals.   

Our air filters in our HVAC system will be switching to MERV 16 filters.

We utilize an electrostatic fogger with HOCI (hypochlorous acid), a neutral-to-acidic electrolyzed water.  This method of sanitation is used in high traffic public areas such as hospitals and hotels.  HOCI can effectively kill microbial pathogens, bacteria, bacterial spores, and viruses more effectively than using cholorine bleach.


There are two forms that we are requesting patients to complete prior to their appointment.  The first is a health questionnaire that relates to symptoms and exposure levels to COVID-19.  The second form is a consent form for treatment during COVID-19.  Both forms are located in PDF form at the bottom of this page.

The health questionnaire and consent forms can be returned by emailing us at, or can be signed at home and submitted during appointment check-in.   If there is no access to either option we do have blank copies available in the office.  

If you have any questions for the doctors and assistants, or for the administrative staff please submit them prior or post appointment over the phone or by email to  This will help us run efficiently as possible in the office during patient appointments.  All questions or concerns will be addressed.  


Please have patients brush their teeth prior to their arrival.

Do not drink any cold or hot beverages, and abstain from vigorous physical activity prior to the appointment time.  We will be taking temperatures with a touchless thermometer to check for a fever of 99.6 or greater.  If indicated so, your appointment will be rescheduled.

To maximize social distancing while in our office, we request ONLY PATIENTS enter at this time.  We do understand that some children may want a parent to accompany them.   If requested we will permit ONE adult to accompany them inside the office.  Otherwise, parents will drop off only and wait in the car.

Arrive to your appointment on time.   Late arrivals will be rescheduled for another date and time.

Upon arrival to the office please pull in to one of the parking spots in our lot and call our office at (847) 251-3323.  Please let us know the make and color of your vehicle to help identify you.  A team member will come out and check you or your child in for the visit.  The health questionnaire is repeated upon check-in at each appointment.

A face mask is required for all visitors. 

All visitors will have their temperature taken.

All visitors must follow social distancing guidelines by staying 6 feet away from others.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

Please refrain from touching all unnecessary surfaces.

All surfaces that visitors come in contact with in our office will be continually disinfected using a product on EPA's List N against SARS-CoV-2.


Our assistant will update a staff member regarding your child's appointment.

The staff member will escort your child back to your vehicle.  At that time they will update you on the appointment and treatment.  We will give you an estimated time that we would like to see the patient back in the office.  Please call the office to schedule the next appointment as soon as you are able.  


Please complete these forms prior to the arrival of your appointment.  You can download the forms, fill them out electronically, and email them back to  You can also print the forms out, manually sign and date them, and either scan and email them back or bring the forms with you to the appointment.  Filling out the forms prior to your arrival will save time during your check-in process.  If you cannot fill out the forms prior to your arrival we will have blank copies available.  

Supplemental Informed Consent COVID19 Form (pdf)

Supplemental Health Questionnaire (pdf)

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